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Science Based
An approach that works with the body's natural physiology.

The initial focus of our SetPoint Goal program is for the patient to reach a new set point by losing about 10% of his/her weight. This gradual and realistic weight loss aligns with the body's natural tendencies. At the same time, the patient uses a comprehensive set of resources — including our interactive tools, Knowledge Center and Learning Modules — to begin to build a sustainable structure for a healthier lifestyle.

Using a variety of great-tasting, pre-measured products, SetPoint Goal eliminates the majority of eating decisions for the day. This enables the patient to concentrate on preparing one main meal: a flexible meal that begins to establish a pattern of healthy eating by working with fresh food.

Lifestyle Change
Perfecting the art of the healthy lifestyle.

After reaching a new set point by losing 10% of the weight, the patient's next challenge is to maintain this new level for at least six months. This is the focus of the SetPoint Maintenance program: where the new eating and lifestyle behaviors become a real part of the patient's life. This is a transformation that isn't possible with the rigid, pre-packaged approach of other plans.

In the kitchen, the patient starts to move away from pre-measured foods — and learns to incorporate even more fresh ingredients — while developing skills for healthy cooking. Getting even deeper into our online tools, Knowledge Center and Learning Modules, the patient also begins to achieve a greater sense of balance by managing important factors like the need for physical activity, stress management, and good sleep quality.

Healthy Kitchen
Building a healthier relationship with food.

Our food products are simply a means to an end. They're used to kick-start the patient's learning and lifestyle change process. The goal is actually for patients to use less and less of our products as time goes on — or maybe none at all.

From the very beginning, SetPoint Health teaches patients how to work with real food. Our gourmet-quality Chef Sets™, created with award-winning chef, Ana Sortun, are a classic example. These Chef Sets enable patients to prepare a flavorful, nutritionally sound meal for two in about 30 minutes. In the process, they're developing skills and confidence in the kitchen that will benefit them for a lifetime.

In addition, the patient has access to our searchable library of over 900 healthful, high-quality meals. The result of painstaking research, this library is another tool that helps the patient move from pre-measured foods to a freer and more educated approach to eating.

Ongoing Support
Unlimited access to invaluable guidance.

Lifestyle change is a difficult process, typified by a series of ups and downs. For this reason, SetPoint Health offers various elements to provide additional guidance and knowledge for your patients' weight control efforts. This includes unlimited access to our SetPoint Advisors, for as long as a patient participates in a SetPoint Health program.

This continuum of guidance also includes unlimited access to our Knowledge Center: an extensive library of articles, white papers and information, written by SetPoint Health experts and other leading authorities in the field of weight management. In addition, a video-based Learning Module is emailed to the patient each week — also developed by our expert staff/panel. Each context-sensitive module is specifically chosen for the patient based on the personal and tracking information they've entered, and based on the recent areas of focus for their current interactive-tools activity.

The key to success for any weight management intervention — surgical, medical or behavioral — is to actively engage the patient in the ongoing process of lifestyle change.

Our Affiliate Platform is a valuable resource suited to meet the needs of established weight management programs. Our integrated suite of products, programs and technology provides the ability to more deeply engage patients in these programs which in turn promotes better compliance, outcomes and satisfaction.

A lack of practical resources to promote patient engagement and compliance through all phases of the weight management process.
The Affiliate Platform has been developed to overcome some of the biggest challenges encountered by providers in delivering weight management and lifestyle change programs.

These challenges include:
  • The need to integrate an effective, practical and scalable lifestyle change intervention as part of the weight loss program.
  • The need to leverage and extend the influence of the provider/practice and maximize the effectiveness of limited and costly face-to-face time with patients.
  • The need to customize the intervention to meet each individual's need.
  • The need to extend the weight management program beyond formal visits and into the patient's life in real time.
The ability to meet these needs results in greater patient engagement which in turn promotes higher compliance, improved outcomes, greater patient satisfaction, more referrals and, overall, a more effective program.

A unique resource that enhances the effectiveness of physician-directed weight management programs.
With its comprehensive suite of tools and resources, the Affiliate Platform enables patients to cultivate the core skills and knowledge they need to lose weight and keep it off for the long term. On the provider end, the portal allows for closer interaction with patients and the ability to create and deliver customized content to the right patient at the right time.

Affiliate Platform benefits include:
  • Integration with existing program structure.
  • Practice-branded website to build revenue and loyalty.
  • Wholesale access to comprehensive nutritional product range.
  • Sophisticated workflow and reporting tools to allow for customization and scalability.
  • Delivery of video content.
  • Extensive evidence-based content on a wide spectrum of weight management and healthy lifestyle topics.
  • Integrated content management capabilities.
  • Extensive training and support.

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